Next Adventure is one of the best adventure games, full of secrets and lots of adventure.
With easy controls for you and your whole family have fun with this exciting adventure. Get in on that challenge. It's free, totally free.

Kids and adults can have fun with this adventure and pass the time

Come and adventure are 20 initial stages and every week new phases!
Feel nostalgia reminiscent of arcade game and adventure game.
Play this exciting platform game already.

Buy new powers and coin items and show who is the best.

Each week 5 new phases are launched for this adventure to never end, or better find out if you will have it, and do not give up, are you ready?
   + Easy controls.
   + Exciting gameplay.
   +Skin system!
   + Every week a novelty for you !.
   +20 phases + weekly

Play one of the best adventure games to pass the time !!

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